Emergex Appoints US Federal Government Experts The Conafay Group

Oxford, UK, 13 July 2018 – Emergex Vaccines Holding Limited (‘Emergex’), a biotechnology company pioneering a new approach to vaccine development in the field of infectious diseases, today announces that it has appointed The Conafay Group, US Federal Government experts, to advise on the US healthcare landscape and policy and to provide introductions to help establish new business contacts.

Emergex’s business model is initially focused on creating an International Vaccine Repository of post Phase I vaccines, for subscription by governments, non-governmental organisations and charities to act as a first line of defence against existing and newly emerging infectious outbreaks. Emergex’s partnership with The Conafay Group will help them achieve this goal.

The Conafay Group is experienced at providing companies with a unique insights into the US non-dilutive and federal funding landscape, healthcare and innovation policy, federal government needs and priorities, and commercial/institutional partnering opportunities.

Stephen Conafay, founder at Conafay Group commented: “The Conafay Group is proud to partner with Emergex Vaccines to assist in bringing a unique approach to U.S. stakeholders”, said Stephen Conafay, Principal. “By strategically developing a comprehensive approach to engage with the U.S. federal government, we look forward to helping Emergex Vaccines advance solutions through the pipeline and closer to patients around the world.”

Professor Thomas Rademacher, co-founder, CEO and CSO at Emergex commented: “We are looking forward to working closely with The Conafay Group as we continue to progress our vaccines to Phase I. The Conafay Group’s expertise will provide us with new tools and contacts to progress our vision and get our vaccines to patients who really need them.”


Notes to Editors

About Emergex Vaccines Holding Limited

Emergex Vaccines Holding Limited, a UK-based biotechnology company headquartered in Oxford, is pioneering a new approach to vaccine development in order to address some of the world’s most immediate health threats such as Zika, Ebola, pandemic flu and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

It has developed a novel and ground-breaking approach to vaccine manufacturing, using 100% synthetic components to activate T-cells of the immune system to destroy virus-infected human cells. It uses unique technologies together with top-notch science to develop and manufacture vaccines much faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional vaccines.

Emergex is initially focussed on creating an internationally accessible, clinical grade vaccine repository for use by governments, non-governmental organisations and charities, to act as a first line of defence against existing and newly emerging infectious outbreaks. It also plans to develop commercially marketed vaccines in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to generate future licensing and royalty revenue streams.

Emergex is committed to making a positive impact in the communities that are most affected by these infectious outbreaks, where a lack of affordable and effective treatments adversely impacts health and prosperity. Recently it joined the Social Stock Exchange in London, the world’s first regulated exchange dedicated to businesses and investors seeking to achieve a positive social and environmental impact through their activities.

Find out more online at www.emergexvaccines.com.


About Conafay Group LLC

The Conafay Group works with life science companies and organizations to develop and implement government funding and public policy strategies.  We also bridge ties to philanthropic, non-profit, academic and commercial entities to enhance client outcomes.  TCG specializes in representing biomedical technologies and therapeutics before the federal government and associated stakeholders. Our client successes involve for-profit and non-profit entities in areas of funding, research and public policy. We identify and target novel funding opportunities, synergies between client technology and federal/private needs, and policy issues that affect life sciences companies. Our expertise provides our clients an advantage over competitors in the federal and non-federal funding market.

Led by Stephen Conafay, The Conafay Group is an assembled team of scientists and policy experts, as well as former industry executives and federal staff, that offers a wealth of scientific and policy expertise in issues relevant to the life sciences and biotechnology industry. Applying this collective expertise, we have an intimate understanding of the non-dilutive funding landscape, healthcare and innovation policy, federal government needs and priorities, and commercial/institutional partnering opportunities. Our strength lies in putting this knowledge, and our familiarity with the science behind our clients’ technology, to work for our clients. Through our team‐based approach, we can deliver fully integrated government relations strategies that enable our clients to achieve greater success.


For more information, visit: www.conafaygroup.com


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